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Project:Filter is a PC game that aims to invoke exploration, challenge, and critical thinking of the wider ecological effects of pollution; particularly, pollution as a result of sewage effluent.

Players operate a drone through a marine landscape representing a river and investigate the environment for indicators of pollution. The indicators are examples of affected environmental areas as a result of micropollution. There are seven areas in total which highlight potential issues for concern, including agriculture, marine wildlife, and rural living. Players are tasked with entering open effluent pipes in the landscape in order to "clean" the water from micropollution. They must collect a set number of spherical objects that represent the pollutants, while avoiding oncoming filters. They must also protect the main carbon filter at the end of the pipe network to stop it from being damaged by the micropollution. Each level is progressively more difficult as the player traverses through the environment.

The game was originally designed for high-school pupils and to be used within Social Studies classes. As the pupils play through Project:Filter, they are expected to complete a short workbook exercise which accompanies the game. This results in pupils creating a poster advertising potential solutions to problems identified within the game.

Project:Filter was developed as part of my doctoral thesis at Glasgow Caledonian University. The research project queried the development and application of an applied game for the purpose of raising awareness of noPILLS, a pan-European research project that investigated methods of intervention beyond technological upgrading in order to reduce micropollution in public and private water supplies.

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